Why do we recommend Xero?

That’s simple! If we didn’t feel confident that Xero was the best accounting software for businesses small and large, we wouldn’t be using it.

Xero are the market leaders and we continue to see their improvements on a regular basis. In an ever-changing world of finance, this was key for us as it meant we would be future-proofing both us and our clients.

We started our Xero journey by cherry-picking a few clients and jumping straight in. It’s human nature to resist change and, funnily enough, our now ‘Xero champion’ was one of the employees that resisted the most. Once we worked out how to utilise the automation services available, we could all see the time and efficiency savings we could achieve.

Halfway through 2017, we made the decision that we wanted to migrate the accounting data for all of our internal bookkeeping clients, as well as our own, over to Xero. It speaks volumes, as migrating all of our client base wasn’t going to be a small project and it wasn’t something we could charge for.

12 months later and why stop there? We had the knowledge, confidence and cloud software at our fingertips. We started a mission to migrate all of our external bookkeeping clients over regardless of size. We are now halfway through 2019 and we are where we wanted to be.

We wouldn’t have been able to support half as many of our bookkeeping clients as we do without Xero. It really has made that much difference!

The three driving factors:

Connected apps

There is an app to streamline every process. Xero integrates with over a thousand apps,  allowing you to find the ones which will benefit your company. From inventory add-ons to management account reporting software, they have it all.

Totally cloud-based

This means we can support our external clients with any issues they may have as we can both see the same data at the same time. Back-ups are now a thing of the past. It also removes any access restrictions that may have been hurdles in the past, such as multi-site organisations.

Accurate data

The combination of the above points means accurate data and reports can be available immediately. This leads to good business decisions and growth opportunities.

All of our clients receive a free training session as well as support. Get in touch to find out more.