As you know, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the seismic changes businesses were experiencing, both operationally and financially, we changed our telephone opening hours to 7am – 7pm.
Now that things have calmed down slightly, or at least we have all got used to the chaos, we feel it is appropriate to revert our telephone opening times back in line with our office opening times.
So as of 04th May 2020 our office and telephone opening times will be as follows:
Monday to Thursday  –  9am to 5pm
Friday  –  8am to 4pm
We appreciate there is still a lot going on and you still need our support so if you are concerned about not being able to get hold of us when you need to please just get in touch with me and we can make alternative arrangements.
Our telephone opening times will of course be under constant review whilst things are unsettled and we may very well increase them again in the future.