Companies House have said that if Coronavirus has affected your company and you need more time to file your accounts then you should act before the filing deadline. If accounts are filed late without the agreement of an extension then there is an automatic fine of £150 if they are filed not more than a month late. 

The fine increases to £375 if they are filed more than a month but not more than three months late, £750 for more than three months but less than six months, and finally, if they are filed more than six months late the fine is £1,500. Up until now, there has had to be a very serious issue before Companies House will agree to an extension. 

However, Coronavirus has had such an effect on so many that it, quite rightly, is perceived as very serious and any applications referring to the virus as a reason for extension will be looked upon sympathetically.

So if you think that you will struggle to get information to us to enable your accounts to be filed online by your company’s deadline, perhaps because you are actually suffering from the symptoms of the virus or are self-isolating, then please let us know as soon as possible and we will apply to Companies House for you for an extension. 

As you all know, we keep in touch with you with regards to approaching deadlines so if you don’t contact us before then, please let us know when we ask for your records if you think there may be filing deadline issues that need addressing.