In our previous blog, we shared our plan to be a carbon-neutral and more environmentally aware business. People might think the phrase ‘green accountants’ referred to some ageing relics who had gone slightly mouldy. But not in our case!  Who’d have thought it?

Our latest step towards becoming a carbon-neutral firm and involving more environmentally-friendly office practices is one we took a few weeks ago.

The lighting in our office, both upstairs and downstairs (where we recently had a revamp), consisting of hundreds of mini fluorescent tubes. They didn’t give out great light, they omitted a lot of heat, they constantly failed and they were not very environmentally friendly. We thought they made us look very 1980s!

We have now replaced all of the lighting with modern LED lighting. Our ongoing costs are much cheaper as our electricity costs are reduced – they don’t produce heat, they give out a lovely even light and they make the office a far more pleasant place to work.

Cost? Well, how much you have to spend depends on what lights you have in place. It did admittedly cost us a few thousand to replace all of our lighting because all the fittings needed to be replaced. But, like the plastic we replaced with glass, it will pay for itself over time and save money in the long term. 

We think our payback period may be under 5 years. It’s hard to tell, as we have not yet had enough bills to compare properly, but research shows that LEDs only use about a third of the energy of fluorescent tubes and can reduce energy costs overall by 80%. We’ve replaced just one (faulty) LED so far, and we would have probably replaced about 20 fluorescent tubes in that time.

We will continue to keep you updated with our progress towards becoming carbon-neutral eco accountants!

In a later blog, we will tell you about the new client packs we are giving to all new clients which will enable us to operate on a greener basis!