If you are self-employed and intending to claim a grant though the COVID-19 self-employment support scheme, this is important information for you.

You can now check if you are eligible here:

Scroll down and click on the link “check if you are eligible to claim”.

You will need to have your UTR and national insurance number to hand.

It’s very quick and simple, it takes seconds.

We suggest that all clients who are intending to claim should do this check now.

Note that once you have completed the check, the system will tell you that in order to be able to claim the grant in due course, you will need to have an HMRC login and password.

It’s not clear whether Sidaways Limited will be able to make these claims on our clients’ behalves using our logins, we may well be able to (we have been able to make furlough claims for clients).

However, just in case we cannot, we are recommending that all self-employed clients obtain an HMRC login and password. You will be offered a link to enable you to do that after you have done the eligibility check above.

As always, if you have any questions, just contact us.