Information has come thick and fast over the last 24 hours on the self-employed “Self Employed Income Support Scheme”.

So further to my and Sam’s emails of yesterday’s date, we thought we would put all up to date information in one place for our self-employed clients.

So here’s the summary:

  • We will not be able to make the claim for you as an agent
  • HMRC will calculate the grant from its records and at no stage will you have to supply information about your income
  • The application portal will open to taxpayers on a staged basis between 13 and 18 May, with the portal opening on different days for different taxpayers on a random basis
  • HMRC will check the claim and expects to make payments from 25 May 2020 or within six working days of the application being submitted, whichever is the later

It seems you get told the time and date when you personally can apply when you check eligibility.

So it’s important you do that now if you have not already done so.

You can check if you are eligible here:

Scroll down and click on the link “check if you are eligible to claim”.

You will need to have your UTR and national insurance number to hand. Those are on your tax return front page – if you don’t have them to hand, email us and we will email them to you.

The eligibility check is very quick and simple, it takes seconds.

Note that once you have completed the check, the system will tell you that in order to be able to claim the grant at your allotted time; you will need to have an HMRC login and password.

So if you don’t have a login and password already, make sure you get those – you will be offered a link to enable you to obtain them after you have done the eligibility check above.