One of the key measures announced in the budget was that HMRC have extended the Help to Pay scheme (more details here: The number to call is 0800 0159 559

Help to Pay has been in place for some years and is available in some situations where you are struggling to pay a tax bill, this can be any tax, so PAYE, VAT, personal tax etc. There is still interest to pay but you won’t get any penalties for late payment where it has been agreed with HMRC that you can pay in instalments.

HMRC have generally accepted a tax payer using this for the first time but less so afterwards, we now expect that to be increasingly loosened and significantly less interest charged.

Key points to consider:

  1. Think about whether you should use this facility before payment of every upcoming tax liability.
  2. Consider your cash flow.
  3. You are likely going to need to contact HMRC about each tax to arrange separate agreements.
  4. Have your relevant references for each tax to hand before you call.
  5. Make sure your returns are up to date before you call, HMRC like to see the amounts due on their screen before they negotiate.
  6. If calling about VAT, then after you have filed the return, call and ask for TTP. Even if you don’t agree a payment plan on that call, that action will avoid you being charged a default surcharge.

Who can claim?

Anyone who has a tax liability they cannot pay due to the effects of the Coronavirus.

Our caveat on this is that we think HMRC will be expecting you to have looked at all other forms of finance first, so you may also need a checklist to hand to show you’ve looked at them and explored each possibility.

How do you claim?

See above

Remember we are here to support you. From Monday 23 March our telephone lines will be open from 7 in the morning and will stay open until 7 at night.