Ensuring your payroll is compliant with HMRC can be time-consuming and complex. Therefore, some guidance is necessary in order to comply with the law, as well as optimise the running of your business. Employers have a responsibility to understand the Pay As You Earn scheme and calculate tax and national insurance contributions, as well as dealing with their responsibilities for providing a workplace pension under the auto enrolment system.

Payroll and auto enrolment services are vital for small businesses; it is not just large businesses that will face prosecution if they are found in violation of the regulations.

What Services Can We Provide?

In order to set up a PAYE (Pay As You Earn) scheme, the employer needs to register on gov.uk. Sidaways can assist you with this process. We can also run your payroll, calculating the PAYE and National Insurance contributions, pension deductions and providing your employees with payslips and you with details of the payments you need to make. We free up your time to run your business.

There are also other deductions and payments such as attachments of pay, student loans, statutory maternity pay, shared parental pay and statutory paternity pay. Sidaways can help you with all that.

Why would you need to comply?

There are penalties and fines for non-compliance, which is why it is usually a good idea to outsource to a payroll company, where experts can ensure payments are made correctly and on time and the correct records, are maintained.

Sidaways can support your business in this compliance by offering efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Either we can equip you with the best payroll software, train your staff on how to use this software, help you understand payroll regulations, and enrol all employees in the relevant pension and tax schemes.

Or you can simply delegate all that to us, we provide a fully comprehensive payroll service which does all that for you, freeing up your time to run your business.

These solutions will streamline your business and prevent valuable time and resources from being used on a process that could easily be outsourced and completed to a higher standard.

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