In this very difficult period for all it’s great to see businesses pulling together! We’ve had some great feedback from clients on their claims with councils which I detail below.

East Devon Council

Contrary to the previous blog on grants it appears East Devon will now be sending out letters to all businesses eligible.

One client received their letter, completed the application the same day and received the remittance for the payment the following day.

So all in all it would appear to be a very efficient process. Thanks Karen for updating us on your experience.

Torbay Council

When completing an application for the grant with Torbay a client was asked for a VAT registration number. By the time he found the number the application had timed out. So make sure you have this to hand when completing the application with Torbay and possibly any other council.

Thanks Andy for feeding back on your experience.

Exeter City Council

We have had a couple of client’s feedback on this and it appears that you will either receive a letter/email with a PIN, hopefully by the end of the week if you’re eligible.

The application can then be done online.

If you want to check if you are eligible you can ring Exeter City Council on 01392 265559. When you ring make sure you have your business rates number to hand.

Thanks MaryAnne and Sari for getting in touch to feedback on your experiences.


As always as we receive more information we will of course feedback to you and if you have any queries please get in touch with us.