Update on additional support scheme grant

Thanks to one of our clients, Sara, we now have an update on the additional recovery grant scheme.

The grants need to be claimed through the growth hub for each area we mentioned in our previous blog.  Below I include links to the websites of the four areas;

The schemes are not open yet but the government is aiming for them to be available by the end of the month.

Update on the kickstart grant scheme – 02/09/2020

Following on from our blog we can confirm that some of the schemes are now available to apply for and we provide details below.

  • Heart of the South West – a PDF form is now available and can be used to apply for the grant if you follow this link – https://www.heartofswgrowthhub.co.uk/business-support-programmes/growth-support-kickstart-grant-scheme/
  • Cornwall and Isles of Scilly – at the moment the scheme has been paused and isn’t allowing any more applications.
  • Dorset – There is still no update at the moment and you do not appear to be able to apply at this time.
  • Gloucestershire – We couldn’t see anywhere to make a claim on their website at the moment. It may be worth contacting them to see if there is any additional information available.

Update on the kickstart grant scheme – 09/09/2020

We can confirm that the application process for the Dorset area is now up and running and you can apply for the grant by following the link below.
If you have any queries with the above please get in touch.
Telephone number: 01392 360008