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Whether you trade as a company, partnership or sole trader, a set of accounts will need to be completed each year. Let our accounts preparation team take the stress away and ensure accurate, timely figures are prepared so you are not worrying about deadlines and are instead focused on your business.

Below is an outline of the systems we have put in place as part of our accounts preparation services for our clients. Our aim is to reduce the stress involved in maintaining records and providing the information to complete your year end accounts.

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In your initial no-obligation consultation, we run through a proposal with you. In all of our proposals, we include Xero and Dext software as part of your package.

We find, with the use of these two pieces of software, our clients streamline the accounting function within their business, providing fast and accurate information which helps them make reliable business decisions.

As both Xero and Dext are cloud-based, we are able to support you whenever required – we can simply login and talk you through any queries. All our proposals include support from the team and Michael, our Xero champion, provides all new clients with any help required with the initial set-up (again, this is all included within our fixed fee). If you would like to learn more about Xero and Dext, follow the link below to our dedicated Xero page.

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If you trade as a partnership or sole trader, we will send you a reminder shortly after the end of the tax year requesting the information we will need to prepare your accounts and related tax returns.

If you are a company, we will email you shortly after your year end to request the information we require to prepare the company accounts and corporation tax return.

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We want to support our clients throughout the year with their accounts preparation and more, so we decided many years ago to go against the grain and work on fixed fees. This means you can call us throughout the year for support without fear of an invoice following closely behind!

All of our support is included in the fee quoted in the initial meeting. We want you to contact us as we are passionate about supporting our clients.

We find this approach supports better results because, if high-quality records are provided at the year end, this allows us to prepare the accounts in good time.

It also builds a better relationship – we want our clients to feel comfortable coming straight to us with any queries they have, not once a year when most will have probably been forgotten and possible opportunities missed!

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