We have been receiving some great feedback from clients in relation to the experiences they have been having trying to claim the grants from the council.

As a reminder, if you click on the links below that will take you to the grants available and eligibility requirements blogs we have written.

From the feedback provided it appears that each council is going to be using a different method in regards to applying for the grant. Below I provide details of the information we have collated from councils so far and include links to apply where applicable.

Exeter City Council

It appears that Exeter City Council will be sending out letters to businesses, to their trading address which include a PIN. From that we assume you will be able to login and apply for the grant.

One point to note on the above, if you are not currently going to your business address you would want to ring the council to see if they can send the PIN to your home address.

I also provide a link below to the Exeter City Council Business COVID-19 support page which is being updated regularly.

You can also sign up to their newsletter which, one would hope will include any developments on the process in claiming grants.

I would like to thank our client Sari for taking the time to call us and provide us with the above information.

Torbay Council

Torbay Council now has a portal in which you can claim for the grant and I include a link below to access this.

We haven’t been through the process of actually claiming for the grant so if any client does we would be grateful of any feedback. That way we can update all to ensure the grants are obtained as soon as possible.

Thanks Andy for taking the time to feedback on the above, I’m sure many will find it useful!

Teignbridge Council

As with Torbay Council it appears the claim will be done online and again I include a link below to access this.

Again thanks Sari for feeding back on this!

East Devon Council

As with both the above you apply online and I include the link below to do this.

Thanks Clive for feeding back to us the process for this area.

Mid Devon

If eligible you should receive a letter from the council for you to fill in and send back with the following information;

Recent utility bill
Copy of rates bill
Last set of certified accounts
If VAT registered VAT number and last VAT return submitted

If you haven’t received the letter yet it would be worth getting the above documents ready to speed up the claim process once the letter does come through.

I include a link to the council website which includes some useful information.

Thanks Michael from the team here for keeping us up to date on a claim he is making for a position he holds in his local community.

Dorset council

This is again an online process and if you follow the link below that will take you to the application page.

Thanks Justin for updating us on this.

North Devon Council

We haven’t received any information on this area yet although I provide a link below to the council webpage for COVID- 19 which should include regular updates.

If any client does have additional information on the process for this council that would be much appreciated.


Thanks again to all our clients for feeding back on the experiences they have had to date, we really appreciate it.

If we all continue to support each other and stay safe at home we will come out of this stronger.

As always if you have any queries please contact us.